Was up early, perusing the internet, reading an interesting article from 2001-07-10 about the KDE browser Konqueror's implementation of ActiveX on Slashdot.org; and the comment section, as usual, was golden. The relationship between the open source community and huge corporate power structures has been long and sundry; and well, KDE has its own history... (remember the Qt / Trolltech controversy?) Anyway, at the bottom of the page was a Link to an article about 8chan and Cloudflare and, as usual, the comment section was golden; hence why I linked it here. Reading the comment section of Slashdot is very different than reading the comment sections on Twatter, Fakebook, Leddit or, for that matter, /newspus/. Each has its own flavor, and each as much right to exist as another. I can learn from them all. Twatter shows me just how obnoxious repetitive conformity can actually get. Fakebook shows me the absolute toxicity of egoic pretentiousness and fakery. Leddit further displays how many folks are completely incapable of holding a decent conversation without infecting it with their own peculiar spin on that same old protection-of-persona racket; while the chans have forever been plagued with all the stupidity associated with the underage b& and wannabe edgelords since time immemorial...

'I don't know which is worse.' And that about sums up my entire opinion regarding all platforms for opinion-spouting on the internet -- and all opinions also; including my own.

Anyway, as much as I don't give a flying fuck about anybody's opinions, including my own (knowing the fleeting nature of 'opinions'); I definitely understand the overwhelming need to express them -- Hell! Express anything really! I've always had that great need, whether anybody was paying attention or not; and oftentimes no one has wanted to, including me -- but I'll damn well say it anyway! And I don't care if it's something somebody doesn't want to hear, or if they don't appreciate my delivery. I'm just trying to provoke thought here -- but I'll settle for any kind of provocation whatsoever! Sometimes it seems that the only way to cross this bridge of life, when the troll underneath is this fucking huge, is to prance across the top like the bigger troll...


So, here we are at the commencement of a great exercise in delivering unfiltered raw thoughts from the mind of an aging lunatic giraffe to the unwashed masses who are unlikely to EVER come into contact with it -- but that still does not mean I can say what I will! In today's world no one can. But I am unlikely to ever capitulate when it comes to my own sense of integrity, nor will I compromise true authenticity for some ideological standard imposed by 'mob rules', or any other fucking arbitrarily imposed set of rules that do not make sense to me, for that matter. Authenticity and Integrity are all that matter, and I am unlikely to present a weakness that can be exploited, (like all that identity-bullshit, or the participation in fiat currency schemes whereby many voices can be curbed, controlled and constrained merely by monetary means.) I enjoy putting on at least the illusion of a cloak of anonymity; because I wanna say whatever the fuck I want to, whenever I want to, in any damn way I please and in whatever venue I feel like saying it in. Yup. I support Freedom of Speech, and I realize that not everybody does, even in this supposed bastion of Free Speech, the United States of America... Well, all I have to say on that matter is, "FUCK 'EM." So, yeah, I've got some things I wanna say without being constrained by the sometimes overbearing burden of 'persona'; and I'd like to have any creative content I produce (including the worthless drivel on these pages) judged by whether or not it provoked some thought, rather than attacked because of mere ideological differences, or because unpopular opinions were espoused. We should not be afraid to disagree (or be disagreeable, for that matter!) I refuse to conform. -- so let's get that out of the way right now. Fuck off and don't even waste your time or energy, if that's your intention. Mine is to provoke thought, and actual thinking seems to be in mighty rare supply these days, so I should think that any cultivation of it should be celebrated... Of course, you're always welcome to resort to attention-whoring emotional responses and infantile prattling if you want to further cultivate that habit! Me? I'll be celebrating over at https://8kun.top/freedomzine/, where we can be semi-free to say what we want, and you're welcome to freely express your displeasure, or attempt to refute the things I say based on logic, and I may even engage with you in the comment section of this very article!

8Kun Celebration

So, I want to rant & rave and express unpopular opinions, for no other reason than to provoke thought; and I want to use foul language and be as offensive as possible, just to make sure that those who cannot see through the truth behind words are forever caught up in their own bullshit, unable to learn from the likes of me.

Making the attempt to make sense to those for whom the world needs to make sense makes no sense to me. ~ JKI

I stopped trying to make sense a long time ago. It's a losing game. I'd rather continue to seek and wonder. Covering up the naked truth with my perceptions of it seems like the real rape to me, so I'll peel back the layers one by one, knowing there is no end to Her alluringly concealed beauty, hidden forever behind billowing veils of illusion -- and I am not afraid of mystery. Are you?

Yes, 'Just-Kiss-It' is just an online persona. The rumors that 'Just-Kiss-It' is not really a giraffe are just that, fuckin' rumors -- 'Fake News'. He really is a giraffe, and he really likes talking about himself in the third person a lot too. I don't know if it's just to make a point, or be really annoying, or both; but I like it! He reminds me of someone I know - someone kinda disturbed, and all over the map most of the time; but oftentimes universal truths are best delivered by the unlikeliest of characters in the unlikeliest of ways. So, 'Just-Kiss-It' has started a blog. Read it or don't. Comment on it or don't. It's no skin off his nose...



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