Was making a video on the MX 19 USB I made about how to do a webpage using Beaker Browser...

This BLOG Entry will be in the video, which should be coming out in a week or so...

For a few days this BLOG may look a lot more like Notes, as I get into the groove. Besides, there will be some note-taking involved in the BLOG...

Put Beaker Browser AppImage in /opt/AppImages/ and created a launcher for it on the Desktop, then put it in /usr/share/applications, then edited it so it would show up in the right place, yo!

Made a Webpage on Beaker Browser.

The DAT Protocol Address for it is:


For those with Beaker Browser, you're always welcome to help seed! It's a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) website, so is supported the same way .torrents are. By seeding (sharing). I realize that I may have opened myself to an attack surface here, but I don't think any of you are tech-savvy enough to figure out how to be a thorn in my side before I have already moved on to bigger and better things! Besides, why would you want to attack what someone else is doing, especially if they are being Authentic? Is it just because you disagree with them? You gonna be childish about it? Wanna go to war over it? I don't waste my time trying to attack what other people are doing, especially if they are being Authentic, and neither should you.

Now, we're gonna learn how I take Notes.

I literally created the BLOG for 'Just-Kiss-It' entirely in Markdown, then rendered a couple files to .html and will be putting them where I want them under 'Sites' to make the site be what I want.

I made a Backup already, so I can do what I want with that area now... Watch how I would make an .html file in Atom...

The Package I'm using is the Markdown-Preview Package that comes with Atom. I may have added a bit of flair to my own, but, let me show you how it is done...

Whelp! That did not work so well. I'll show you that later, since I'll probably need another AtomPackage. XFCE Desktop does not play with Atom the same way KDE Desktop does.

LOVE MX-19 tho!

FUCK ME! Better take a break! Got sidetracked...

OK. Got the JKI_BLOG up and running at https://just-kiss-it.hashbase.io

Used KeepassXC to create Username & Password for ProtonMail, because duh, need an email. Used a Tutanota address to sign up for the ProtonMail address. I know, bullshit, but Protonmail needs either an SMS or non-Proton email to sign up, and I needed an email to sign up for the https://just-kiss-it.hashbase.io website.

Pretty tired and I still have to make 'Notes' on my own computer and start editing a video to show how I did all this for my Aunt.

Besides, I wanna post on 8kun.top/freedomzine/

Did that: