Wanted to do some writing, but ended up researching instead, of course!

Still wanting to find a better alternative to the Cloudflare DNS, because FUCK MATTHEW PRINCE ! ~read why..., and FUCK CloudFlare ! amirite?


I've been using OpenDNS, and I like their speed, but do not feel too comfortable about the probable logging.

A few websites I perused before deciding not to decide at this time :

NOT using my Internet Service Provider's DNS though! FUCK THAT! Slow as fuck, and they sell my data to EVERYONE!

I shouldn't even have to mention not to use Google's DNS.

If you're down with OpenDNS, and even if you're not, There's some good info on Clearing-the-DNS-Cache-on-Computers-and-Web-Browsers

and Generalized-Router-Configuration-Instructions.

For Testing... Oops !

Internet Bad Guys site is only for people using OpenDNS, dufus! You have your router configured to use a different DNS Service, and I ain't telling!

He's talking to himself again, and lapsing in and out of the 'third-person' again too.

S'pose that ain't rare!


Started treating this place like my 'Notes' or something!

Guess I'll at least show how to do a link in Markdown.

So, say I wanted to show where the Markdown Cheatsheet was. Or maybe Adam P's Cheatsheet.

Anyway, that's enough. for now. I have posted numerous Markdown links before...

So, exactly what do I want to get out of this BLOG? Why do I feel I need somewhere to say something? It seems that the more avenues one has for expressing oneself, the less likely anyone will ever hear what you have to say. It's pretty frustrating really. Blah blah blah... You see how it goes... I'll come back to this. Gotta try to see about starting that video for my Aunt...

Now that I mentioned it to a few family members and friends, everybody seems to be interested in me making a quick video on how to do a simple free blog. Guess I better get crackin'!

lol @ me messing up the DNS on my router and now having no internet access...

As soon as I fix that I 'm going to make a video on how to get the latest Firefox on Debian 10. Here's some links I will follow directions from...

Alrighty then. There was nothing wrong with my internet or router. Just had to shut the machine off and turn it back on, as I had just flushed the DNS and browser cache. Anyway, let's get to this Firefox thang now, shall we?

Also, check out this Debian Alternatives -- update-alternatives link before going off half-cocked...

Check this guy's YouTube Video on the matter also. His website has more in this article. He does not go into making a simple script for updating, but the first link I listed does (although he doesn't know how to make a .desktop application symlink in /usr/share/applications for shit!)

Did some posting over at https://8kun.top/freedomzine/; but still have much to do over at https://freedomzine.hashbase.io; not to mention Freedomzine's Brighteon Channel, Freedomzine's Bitchute Channel, and Just-Kiss-It's Bitchute Channel!

Actually finishing up 2019-12-03 after taking care of some business in the morning...