Barely midnight here, so barely into the 5th of December, but I am up and at 'em.

Did a bunch of organizing of files today (the 4th) on many different devices. Wow! I have heretofore developed tendencies toward disorganization and refusal to judiciously exercise discipline. Gonna have to change that. Have instituted new rules and have been keeping to them, which is why I'm still up! Cleaning up is hard to do! Much easier to drag one's mess around. (Reminded of that animated movie with the old crone who drags all her belongings around on her back and tries to get the kid to do the same... can't remember the name)

Tried to remember the name of the movie, but, aggravatingly, could not. It is probably on (--this rather extensive list--) though, and I would be more than appreciative if someone would go post the info on >>>/freedomzine/ somewhere for me!

Anyway, was looking up that command I used the other day to restart the network-manager (because my internet went down again, evidently as a result of the ProtonVPN Killswitch getting irritated that the ethernet cable was unplugged. Did not immediately remember the particular command I wanted; but eventually, voila! sudo service network-manager restart was the command I wanted. Some more goodies...


But, of course, I wanted to learn more about it and write some cool stuff in my Useful-Bash-Commands.md and Notes files...


So I did, and now I'll head off for bed, because I really feel like settling down and doing some actual writing early in the morning.

Of course, before bed I will do something that will hopefully not mess things up too bad. Wanted to go back and revisit installing gdebi. Gonna do it now, before bed; but, of course, I'm not going to presently install the perl 'mess' that lintian seems to be.


Nah. Fuck all that Gnome crap. I'll just use dpkg and rdepends.


Who needs a fucking GUI for .deb files anyway? I ain't installing gdebi.