Alright, NOW, Phonefags, You Can Turn Your Phones(spy devices) to the LANDSCAPE POSITION !


OK. Gonna admit I'm in another phase. Phases of every sort keep goin' 'round and 'round, and I gotta pay attention! (...part of the reason for this blog...)

Well, the phase I'm in right now seems like it is all over the map to the uninitiated; however, it is more like spinning plates, or juggling dozens of jugglers who are juggling spinning plates, all at once, in order to really learn a lesson well -- a lesson I've wanted to learn for quite some time, and one well worth making record of!

Yesterday I spent most of the day installing Arch on two different machines, and it was a pain in the ass! For beginners... highly unrecommended! Just use Manjaro. It's user-friendly and awesome. Of course, I love MX-Linux, and am still using it (both MX-19, running XFCE_Desktop and my own MX-18/KDE_Desktop-flavor, but my 'daily-driver' right now is Debian-10_Buster, running KDE_Desktop, because I am a glutton for punishment and I like to learn new things. Still learning CentOS and server-side shite on the side, besides all the Arch crap. Yeah, I'm keeping busy...

Been dabbling on https://8kun.top/freedomzine/

FZ-Banner-Goin-On-Again.gif (may have trolled Jim Watkins' >>>/pen/ board a bit too, but he's a bit raw from a multitude of 'SJW' attacks right now, so I went easy on him...)

Also put up a few videos on 'Just-Kiss-It's Bitchute Channel...


Pretty much was putting off starting writing because I had to do some housecleaning and file-cleanup, organization, discipline, institution of good new habits, blah blah, blah... So, I did that. Seriously! Actually went back through my Notes and organized them. Beginning to figure out how I'm going to cope with having so much similar material on so many different computers, operating systems, virtual machines, etc. This whole phase of my life is supposed to be about simplification and organization, but so far all I have done is complicate literally everything further!

S'pose that ain't rare!

Still, sometimes one has to see one's bad habits for what they truly are in order to facilitate change.

Habits tend to blind one to Truth -- and Truth is NAKED. I am not afraid to come face to face with the good, bad and ugly within, nor will I cower from taking leave of habituation, for there is nothing perceived anywhere 'outside'; none to blame, naught to desire, nor seek to change, but The Eternal 'Self'; and I Seek Change!

So, I had to deal with my KeepassXC Database files (.kdbx files) between a bunch of different devices, USBs, virtual machines, etc... and have pretty much decided to go with a 'cloud-based'-solution ('cloud-based') merely meaning "on somebody else's computer, on their server somewhere." If you're not using KeepassXC, or some other good cross-platform tool for managing your own passwords, maybe you should. I may do a video on that soon. I'll be doing a lot of general computer security type material, of interest to those tired of all this inescapable and unasked-for data-mining going on around us.

That, of course, led me to proper file-shredding, and while I prefer command-line tools, I would recommend BleachBit for all you wannabe-'Hillary Clintons' in the house!

I definitely spent some time goofing off, giraffing around on PicsArt and generally making a nuisance of myself on >>>/news'pus'/, >>>/freedomzine, and my friends' and family members' spy devices...

Heart of 8chan still strong


but Hey! At least I'm not trolling 'trannies' on Craigslist, like some folks I know!

JN Trolling Trannies.jpg


Just Plain 'WORTH IT' :
Some Music...

'A. Vivaldi - Summer Presto' guitar cover by Laura Lāce.

Here's her YouTube Channel, Laura6100

Now, Audrey & Kate...

Shredding with Bandaid-Screenshot_20191207_070023.png

Audrey & Kate covering 'Painkiller' by Judas Priest.

Just looking for that video was difficult! I remembered seeing the song they covered a few days ago, but WOW! Those girls produce a lot of content! See for yourself over at 'audrey123talks' -- Audrey & Kate's YouTube Channel.

Screenshot of Audrey & Kate Screenshot from 'Gimme Chocolate'

A few other notables from them...

Take the Power Back -- 'Rage Against the Machine' cover

This one, Killing In the Name -- 'Rage Against the Machine' cover reminds me so much of when I used to crank this song up and headbang throughout the house with my daughters. We'd be dancing around and hollerin'at the top of our lungs every time this song would come on! (Unless we were in the car!) Good times! A little Rage never hurt nobody! Anyway, I wish these girls well, and will be more than happy to draw more attention to their work. They are not lazy! They get along pretty damn well for sisters though!

Shredding with Bandaid-Screenshot_20191207_070148.png

Gonna Start a List of YouTube Channels I Subscribe to (but won't after I delete my Google account! -- more on that later...), but I recommend them...

Chris Titus Tech is one of 'em. I like his style. He is a lot like me -- I mean, if I were a 'normie'; and if I had the vast years of 'Windoze' IT experience he has. His enthusiasm for Linux is refreshing though, and I like his content-delivery style and schedule. I wish I had that much ability to focus on only one or two things, like one video channel and one website. That, and I wish I could actually receive 'fiat currency' (that would be Federal Reserve Notes to y'all!) from producing content! Alas, I've been raising two children as a single parent on the $750 per month I receive from Social Security Disability, and cannot afford to jeopardize that, so I'll have to continue providing other ways for those interested to support what I do -- not that I wouldn't be doing all this anyway -- I have a great need to EXPRESS! But having more time to focus on creativity rather than focusing on merely surviving would be nice! I hope someday soon to find adequate financial support through practicing authenticity through creative endeavors, rather than relying on what I deem to be a failing 'benefits'liabilities-system that truly benefits no one. I'll be writing about this in much more detail soon...