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Putting together the BLOG Entry for 2019-12-06.

Drawing together Notes from many places. Also, needed a better screenshot tool than Spectacle, which pretty much comes bundled with the KDE Desktop. I went with the opensource tool Flameshot. Here's a Flameshot Review in case you wanna check it out. My screenshots should be a lot better from now on.


REALLY Need to get a grip on having working copies of files everywhere! This is no more obvious than in my writings on every device in loads of different folders. A tool that will help in this regard (especially when I fully understand the Merge function) is kdiff3...


so I snagged it. I mean, I am on KDE!

Was noticing that I may already be running the risk of having all my images scattered everywhere, disorganized af, so, I went on a Reddit thread RE: Digikam vs KPhotoAlbum, because I have never used either, and ran across more reasons to hate Googlespyware!


That just reminded me that I want to learn to like Konqueror! Have very little experience with it. But the KDE Desktop is growing on me!

dat 'Leddit' tho... 2019-12-07-101633.png

Still cannot decide between Shotwell. Digikam and KPhotoAlbum for actually organizing my photos. LOVE Gwenview for perusing them and finding them on my computer though! Forget Shotwell, as it's designed for Gnome, and I really think KPhotoAlbum will be my best choice. I'll check it out later, after I actually get out of these Notes and start putting together a couple BLOG Entries!

Whew! Did that, got organized, ignored my girlfriend long enough; so now I'm gonna post those BLOG Entries and relax for the evening!