Did some writing and messing around on /freedomzine/ and PicsArt, then decided it was high time I busied myself fixing up my Firefox issue. I want the latest, (fuck the ESR) and I’m gonna go about getting it!

Thinking of doing what’s suggested HERE : https://tutorialforlinux.com/2019/09/08/how-to-add-debian-sid-repository-on-debian-based-systems/2/



OK: After reading these links :

Howto: Set up and Maintain a Mixed Testing/Unstable System

Leddit: Adding Stretch repos to a Debian Buster system

This ‘Debian Administrator’s Handbook’ from Debian 8 still has a lot of pertinent info…

Also, the deb-multimedia.org repository isn’t a horrible place to find packages.

But I got sidetracked reading This article on Leddit, ‘Debian Developers Take To Voting Over Init System Diversity’

Centralized Control over everything always irritates me – especially when there are other ways to organize things in such a way as to celebrate the strengths of both centralization and decentralization in any system. I mean, what’s wrong with a little balance?

I may break down and get me a ’Leddit’ Account soon. I need to be able to ask questions sometimes. But the egoic pretention and persona-protection exhibited there is really sometime too much!

I am so motherfucking tempted to do what it says HERE : How to Add Debian Sid Repository on Debian Based Systems, just so I can snag cool programs from the ‘Unstable’ Branch (like the latest Firefox), but there is probably a safer way. Wish I had started out with the ‘Testing’ Branch now! It would have been far easier to mix with the ‘Unstable’ Branch than the ‘Stable’ Branch is gonna be! Need to learn more before breaking my system…

If you break it, you get to keep the pieces.

Nope. Just gonna un-tar it and pop it in /opt/ and create a launcher in usr/share/applications, like always, and make it easy on myself. I may write a simple Firefox-Update script, but other than that…