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Been eating well! Cookin’ up a storm…

Yoga and Physical Therapy too.

Been writing too… Will get an article out today for JKI, Can U Here Mi Nao?

Wanna do a video on KeepassXC soon.

Better bring some Atom Packages over with a quickness!

Until then, thinking of doing something simple, like changing the general Atom font size before saving as .HTML and seeing if that changes the .html font size.

Got stuck a bit on the Electric Sheep


Here’s a 2 hr sample video of Electric Sheep

Screenshot_20191212_134613.png Screenshot_20191212_135031.png

You really gotta check 'em out…


More interdasting related links:

Jeez… Got sidetracked again by trying to decide between KPhotoAlbum and Digikam.

Need to really understand that KPhotoAlbum really works only with one Directory Folder.

Here’s a good ‘example-website’https://konversation.kde.org/

Running it through https://stackedit.io and converting it to Markdown gives you This Markdown File. You see? I want me one o’ those Table OContents!’

Yeah, it was literally This Reddit Thread that dun got me sidetracked again on how to use Jekyll to make Markdown files convert to .HTML on the fly in one’s webpage.

And because I like Docker, I found this link : Setting_up_kde.org_new_fancy_way interdasting.

That Article, “Can U Here Mi NAO?” is on it’s way out NAO!