Take Me HOME :


All new technologies are used to either further the aims of freedom or further the aims of slavery.

Most ‘free’ ‘goods’ and ‘services’ can only enslave, as their only aim is ‘profit’.

And what doeth it profit a man…?


Dicked off a BUNCH in virtual machines. Played with Kodachi, but really can’t do much with it other than keep it in a Saved State, as it is really better as a Live System.

Got Neon going well and Snapshot.

Got Manjaro going well and Snapshotted.

Got both Whonix Gateway & Workstation up to date, States Saved, and Snapshots made.

REALLY prefer Kodachi now over Whonix!

Manjaro is barely growing on me. Probably would rather go vanilla Arch, but nah… I still love Mother Debian. Probably do the Testing branch next time and open up to the Unstable branch for certain programs. Really don’t feel very secure about Rambox, but really like it. Have only used it as rambox-bin from the AUR, since I still haven’t fixed whatever is not working with AppImages on my main system.

Speaking of shit I have not done… Still gotta do LuckyBackups of Home and Timeshift Root, fix the VirtualBox issues, and fix Firefox, cleanup, and do another set of backups tomorrow AFTER Finishing Writing That Article, "Can U Here Mi NAO?"

So, 4 hours on writing the article, one hour to put it up, 3 hours for backups and cleanup and 4 hours for VB & FF = 12 hours of fucking work, not counting eating, resting and dealing with humans.

So, bottom line, 2019-12-15 (1:30 am) now, and I gotta get up by 6 am in order to get any morning writing time to myself, WHICH IS IMPERATIVE.


Then, two hours of humans and food, then backups and FF, then clean, Backups, THEN VB and final clean and backups. Could be a mighty long day. Better go sleep now…


OK. Back to work. Barely got any sleep, but can see I’m trying to escape writing again. Grrr…

Always using one ‘virtual space’ to escape another!

LOL ! That is NOT how the day went!