Take Me HOME :


Need to straighten up my mess between machines… Actually have so much to do that it’s almost overwhelming… I sense ’escape-mode’ incoming…


But I might post more music videos in this thread…

So, yeah, got KDE Connect up and running and like it so far. Had to do a bit of troubleshooting. Here’s the KDE Connect Wiki. My problem was with the ufw:
Found the solution in the Wiki, as usual, RTFM ! https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect#ufw

There’s a lot of good stuff in there about using KDE Connect with the OpenVPN (ovpn) protocol that I’ll be perusing soon. All this Network shite is fun for me to wrap my head around! The many things that KDE Connect can do is a LOT; so I’ll be rolling out my introduction to it only as quickly as I understand it, considering the security considerations to consider! Just like any new technology, it can be very freeing; yet it can open one up to many unnecessary risks, merely for the sake of convenience. So, I’ll be taking it slow. That being said, KDE Connect Is AWESOME! and it is so easy to use, I’m just going to plain recommend it to my friends and family with Android devices who are already running KDE Desktops. My girlfriend and daughter will get hip to it tonight! I mean, for the sheer laziness factor, no teenager should be without it!

Now I REALLY gotta clean up my messes on all my devices, with copies of files scattered everywhere. There really is a lot to be said for SYNC-ing things. As far as cleanup goes, I can’t believe I haven’t already installed fslint on this system. It’s really invaluable when it comes to finding duplicates. fdupes and rmlint have always worked too, but having a GUI is nice. Never used DupeGuru, but heard it was nice, and worked really well with ‘fuzzy’ picture matching. Before you go building DupeGuru from Source on your system, you may wann read the DupeGuru Github page though. As for now, I’m obviously gonna just stick with what I know – fslint. No time to be learning new tools that may be inferior anyway.

Yeah, I still want a NAS soon. Ran into this thread… Interdasting. Seriously though. I am not the only one. Check it… Reddit thread on ’NAS or FileServer?'

So, yeah, pretty much spent all day learning the intracacies of KDEConnect and running into all my same old problems of having copies of copies all over the fucking place! Luckily, naming conventions, and the new habits, coupled with extreme discipline and dedication have begun to see me through, and I think I may be able to extricate myself from all these damn USBs and other devices, with all their attendant files, more easily (as in, not easy at all! But ***‘WORTH IT’***)… REALLY Aggravating for me, with dyslexia rearing its ugly head at every turn. Gotta get a grip on this whole BACKUPS thang !!!