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Retrospections invite Introspections, so I’ve been lapsing into both lately (even more than I lapse into the ‘third-person’!) Like many do, I’ve been relating my own reflections to those in the ‘other’ inventory I’m also taking – you know, the one where I’m taking stock of all of ‘you’?

(He pretends there’s an ‘out-there’ out there!) Protip: There Isn’t.

This next decade I declare to be the ‘Decade to Lighten Up’.

We’ve just had a Decade where everybody got themselves inflamed about everything and everyone. It is now time to ‘lighten up’. Everyone has had enough.

>inb4 somebody thinks the term ‘lighten up’ is meant to be ‘racist’ ! Maybe ‘enlighten’ oneself before thinking the worst of others? Just a thought.


If diversity is our strength, we must be getting pretty weak as a species. Docility is promoted over diversity. We’re all pretty much the same now – worthless and weak. No variations are tolerated; in thought, word, deed, or appearance. Conformity is not only expected, it is enforced; seemingly by the whole of society upon each individual. ~JKI

PLAN for the Day:

[x] Exercise
[x] Keep up on medical treatments (stay alive)
[ ] Get Flickr (still looking for free ‘hotlinking’ alternatives less likely to control my content unnecessarily…)
[x] Get Github
- - (ok. it was the least I could do)
- - - (Here I Am! https://github.com/just-kiss-it/just-kiss-it.github.io)
[x] Get Github Pages
- - (Did that too! https://just-kiss-it.github.io/ – Not much there yet!)
[ ] Get Jekyll
- - (better save myself something easy for tomorrow!)
[x] Keep up on KeepassXC (like y’all should be doing!)
[x] Fix the .gif problem I have with KDE Connect
- - (don’t use it for .gifs anymore maybe?)
[x] Finish organizing Notes (well, that’s an ongoing process now, ain’t it?)
[x] Write Blog & Publish the last few days (kinda wrapping up this little practice-blog with the end of the year anyway…)
[x] Spend quality time with loved ones
- - (i suck. spent more time writing the article ‘We ALL Suck’ than I did with loved ones. but I did say ‘quality’, not ‘quantity’!)
[x] Make and eat good food
[x] Party like it’s 2019!!!
- - (does explosive diarrhea count?) (it does this year! thanks, key-lime pie)


(Special thanks to Tara Sinn, Creator of the website https://cat-bounce.com/ for letting me ‘fork’ her art!)

I think he mean’s he forked up some perfectly good art, and I doubt she ‘let’ him do anything! ‘Just-Kiss-It’ doesn’t seem like the type to ask permissions for anything~Shiva, Eye See You!

What I Did on the Computer Today:

yeah, my ‘Notes’ are kinda still bleeding into the ‘Blog‘; but in my defense, I’m still working on making that ‘how-to’ video I’ve promised my Aunt and Mom on ‘How to Make a Simple Blog for Free’, and it’s proving difficult without a working microphone on any device right now, except maybe on my phone!… Look for the video soon on Just-Kiss-It’s Bitchute Channel though…

Obviously did some writing today, playing around with Markdown, some organizing and some uploading.

Still finessing my use of Markdown for internal links like the ones I did up HERE.png to link to spots on this very page (click the word HERE.png to see what I mean…)

(Markdown code below:)

```markdown code
<a name="date">

### <u>**2019-12-31**</u>


- [RETROSPECTIONS](#feuilleton)
- [Giraffisms](#giraffisms)
- [PLAN for the Day](#plan)
- [What I Did on the Computer Today](#computer)
- [Interdasting Links](#conjoin)
- [Personal Shite](#shite)


<a name="feuilleton">

### <u>**RETROSPECTIONS:**</u>


Wondering about the use of Multimarkdown in Github Style Markdown.


I also installed Discover again… (lol)


Because I have Opera and Vivaldi browsers, and they are both Chromium-based, I think I’ll install pepperflashplugin-nonfree, so I can deal with any Flash bullshit I run into later.

Why so many browsers? Because I am building websites and pages, so I need to see what content looks like on different platforms. Also, I like to check out browsers regularly. One might say, ‘I like to browse.’

Also installing pigz


I wanted to learn a bit about stdout, stdin and stdder too, before delving too heavy into Jekyll today. There’s some good info here: https://www.howtogeek.com/435903/what-are-stdin-stdout-and-stderr-on-linux/ and here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3385201/confused-about-stdin-stdout-and-stderr.

Weirdly, I wanted to install the terminator terminal emulator, but cannot find it in the repository! Huh? KDE’s 'Konsole' is working fine for me at the moment. No time to chase terminator down right now, but that is intriguing. I wonder what the dealio is?

OK, yeah, obviously in danger of being all over the map again, but I gotta keep all those balls in the air right?

Specialization is not my specialty.

This whole 'Jekyll' can of worms is sure gonna be nice in the future, but it’s a bit of a learning curve right now!

But I did get a Github Account and started up a Repository today!


And got me website up and running at Github Pages now too! (at least an Initial Commit or two!)




Will be reading This Link: https://help.github.com/en/github/working-with-github-pages/setting-up-a-github-pages-site-with-jekyll (besides the main site) before setting up Jekyll tomorrow.

Interdasting Links:

https://cat-bounce.com/ (Bounce some Cats interactively)

https://animalstyle.biz/ (more Interaction with a Cat and Tara Sinn)


Scientists Heard Plants Produce Loud Screams When Damaged! (video)

Do We Really Have Freedom Of Choice? (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories (Wow. ‘WORTH IT’)

Ultimate smartphone security guide | How to secure your phone tutorial (yup)

How Green Politics Became an Anti-White HOAX (you’re gonna wanna see this)

CNBC appeal to authority - The U.S. didn’t recover from the Great Recession (WAY ‘WORTH IT’)

Are We Too Smart to Breed? (thought provoking)

Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary (f you don’t watch any of the other ones, at least listen to what she has to say)

Is Anything Real? (lol) (uploaded today. always a timely observation)


Larkin Poe | Mississippi (Official Video) (love these gals!)

and because I needed me some Grateful Dead tonight…

Larkin Poe | Grateful Dead Cover (“Stealin”)

I posted a bunch more music videos I think are pretty cool over HERE on 8kun.top/freedomzine/ (if you dare!) and I also plan on posting more in that thread later. YOU ARE WELCOME TO POST ON ANY THREAD YOU LIKE TOO, Ya Know! Peruse the Catalog!

Personal Shite:

Whelp. A dog came in our yard and slaughtered one of our chickens today. This is the fourth time this year. My daughter is heartbroken. Got one chicken left. I think it’s high time I disappear this dog. Now, before getting your ‘SJW’ dander up, you may wanna remember where your eggs and meat come from, and that, from time immemorial, living beings have protected that which is important to them from vermin like wandering predators, and there is no reason why I should not do the same. It’s not even illegal where I live. Frowned upon, sure – killing someone’s dog; even if it is wandering loose on other peoples’ property and wreaking havoc all over the neighborhood; but the City won’t do anything about it, and I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility, so…

And before you Vegetarians think you aren’t hurting any living beings, you may wanna get hip to the latest science on that! Here’s an interesting video: Scientists Heard Plants Produce Loud Screams When Damaged!

Been having trouble, not only with my 'Notes' bleeding into the 'Blog', and me getting confused as to what I want to say to whom; but honesty and authenticity demand that I write with no filter, while society demands that I filter every fucking word! (See what I did there?) Do you find certain words repugnant? I know I do! I mean, made-up words with little or no meaning kinda bother me – (words like ‘gender’ or ‘non-binary’), and it really disturbs me when people use words completely out of context – usually as an epithet, meaning ‘everything I don’t like’ (words like ‘Fascist’ or ‘Nazi’), or when folks spew ‘hatred’, ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’ merely by using those very words! So, yeah, words, matter; but I am all about FREEDOM of Speech. If you’ve got a problem with that, maybe you should grow a thicker skin. For all of us, it’s about showing a little Integrity, and that will require practicing some Honesty, both for ourselves, and those supposed ‘others’ we’re so fond of blaming for everything that’s wrong with the world! Brutal Honesty may be difficult to cultivate, but it is ‘WORTH IT’. Besides, AUTHENTICITY Demands It. You know, Authenticity – that one trait most discouraged by our modern ‘Fakebook’ lives. It’s almost as if the ‘Military Industrial Media Complex’ is controlling our reality – what we think, see, hear, eat, drink and breathe – our beliefs, attitudes, emotions – all mere toys in the hands of the controllers – when it is YOU who creates ALL of Reality, and (((They))) KNOW That! How long will we accept the yoke of slavery to their whims – those who would have us create their contrived reality for them? So many now wish to ‘rebel’ against the ‘powers-that-be’, rather than take the difficult, yet mature, choice to accept the mantle of responsibility oneself – with all the rights, privileges and yes, responsibilities that entails. Sometimes you gotta act like the adult in the room, even if no one is treating you like you are. Authenticity demands it. (An example would be Donald Trump. No one can deny he acts in an authentic manner. They may not like him, his mannerisms, his thought processes, his tweets, his hair, his skin, etc., etc., ad infinitum – but many have chosen the route of acting like completely out-of-control shrieking temper-tantrum toddlers in response to his honest authenticity. As for integrity, everyone has their own concepts of it, and no one should be judging another regarding it – but, in my experience, those who tend to judge the most tend to be the ones most lacking in integrity, let alone proper judgment, whatever that means!)

It would also help if progress on every front was quicker! (But ain’t that the way things be? Pretty much always?) And just whose concept of ‘progress’ are we talkin’ about here?! Giraffically speaking, I think the only only ones even remotely ‘in-the-know’ are the ones who know they don’t ‘know’ much of anything – and they know they never will.

Surety ruins the surprise. And you don’t wanna spoil that ‘whammy’, do ya?

Shakti slips into the reveries of Shiva – yet again…

This blog at https://just-kiss-it.hashbase.io is about ready to be wrapped up. I mostly started it to show how to easy it is to make one for free using Beaker Browser. There is an accompanying video that I’ll post soon over on Just-Kiss-It’s Bitchute Channel; and yes, I’m going to clean up the front page a lot, demonstrate a few things, and post my plans, before moving on to bigger and brighter things!


I’ll also have some actual websites and a ‘real’ blog up and running soon!

Hence the need to learn 'Jekyll'. There will be more bloggin’ to come, more art, and more videos!

>pretends Github, or https://just-kiss-it.github.io/ is not ‘real’

Is Anything Real? though anyway?


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